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Where Can i Find The For Sale Air Jordan 6 Retro Olympic 2012, my name is Shantana Robinson. I am an adjunct instructor at IADT San Antonio and I’m here to tell you how you can take your boyfriend or your husband’s old shirt and turn it into a fabulous dress. Now most of you probably think that sounds a little bit strange but believe it or not,
Find The Latest Style Of Authentic Air Jordan 9 Motorboat Jones, it’s not as complicated or as expensive as you might think. Behind me I have two great examples of the same thing that I’m actually talking about which is a beautiful one shoulder one done with a double X T shirt and on my other side I have another one in red that was actually tied in the front and I’m getting ready to show you how quick,
Where Can i Buy Mens Shoes Air Jordan 6 Retro Olympic 2012, easy and simple it is for you to do the same thing. Here I have the things that you will need to assemble. I have a wonderful man’s T shirt, bright yellow might I add. I also have some fab accessories to go along with the wonderful dress,
Sale Online Save Up To 65% Off Air Jordan 13 He Got Game 2013, some pins are going to be needed to maybe hold some stuff in place and a blazer to bring it all together. So the first thing you need to do is to find a T shirt,
Sale Online Save Up To 65% Off Air Jordan 13 Black Infrared, okay? And you’re going to take the shirt and remember you need to get a good size one and this particular shirt is actually a double X so if you need a little bit more room depending on your size and body type you can actually go up. And you’re going to take the shirt and you’re actually going to extend it over your shoulders and once you get the shirt all the way over your shoulders,
Authentic Mens Shoes Air Jordan 4 Retro Fire Red 2012, we are actually going to do a different version of the other two. We’re going to actually do the knot but we’re going to do it in the back. Okay so you might have to get someone to help you do this part but it’s quite simple. You just literally take the two sleeves and you’re going to bring them to the back and then you’re actually going to just knot them through,
Factory Outlet Online Sale Air Jordan 8 Bugs Bunny 2013, just like a regular standard knot,
Sale Online Authentic Shoes Air Jordan 9 Fontay Montana, maybe get your boyfriend after he figures out you’ve stole his shirt to assist you or either someone else that may be at home. Now maybe you might be like well,
Free Shipping And Fast Delivery Online Doernbecher 10s, this looks really strange but believe it or not once you put the blazer over the top of it as well as your belt it brings it all together okay? So you have your knot in the back. I like to tuck the ends in as well,
The Lowest Price.Welcome To Buy Air Jordan 14 Black Toe 2014, spin your beautiful self all the way back around and if you notice we now have what looks like a tube top,
Where Can i Find Authentic Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord 2011, similar to the ones that they used to rock back in the 70s for those of y’all who remember that era so it’s completely sleeveless,
Offers You Many High Quality Air Jordan 6 Slam Dunk, your arms will be here,
For Cheap Womens Shoes Air Jordan 4 Retro White Cement, perfect fit towards your body type. So now you can accessorize,
Outlet Store Online Clearance Sale 2015 Chicago Bulls 10s, every girl loves to do it. So the first thing I have is a fabulous necklace and you can also bring it together even more with a fabulous belt to accentuate your wonderful frame and the belt that I have here is actually spandex,
100 Authentic Mens Air Jordan 10 Retro White Old Royal Stealth, I have a huge passion for spandex belts,
Factory Outlet Online Sale Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord 2011, not because you know,
You Will Have a Good Time While Buying Discount Air Jordan 12 Taxi, they are gorgeous but because they are fully functional and anyone of any size can actually wear them. With this manikin that I’m using,
Free Shipping Worldwide Air Jordan 10 Charlotte Bobcats, she’s a little small in the waist so you can use your pins to actually assist you if needed. So I’m just going to pin it in the back and it’s actually going to hug her frame a little bit more and then the final thing that you can do to take this dress to the next level is to add a fabulous blazer to it. And since I reside here in Texas it’s fabulous to have any and everything that is cotton or linen so here it is you have a fabulous dress made with a T shirt found in your boyfriend or husband’s closet so it didn’t cost you one red cent,
How Much Does Authentic Air Jordan 9 Calvin Bailey, a blazer that you probably already have in your closet and then some fabulous accessories such as this beautiful belt as well as this wonderful necklace to bring it all together. So this piece can not only be worn to work but you can take your blazer off and go out with some of your friends maybe for after five drinks perhaps,
Offer The Latest Style Of Authentic Air Jordan 4 Toro Bravo, but it’s a fabulous piece. So I hope you enjoyed my blog about how to take an old T shirt and turn it into something fabulous.

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