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You’re in your college dorm with some of your friends doing the normal things. drinking, applying cologne,
Here We Provide So Many Kind Of New White Cement 4s, and trying to get that Paully D blowout just right. You do all of these things in full view of the fact that you will come home with a sweatoflage shirt, a seaworthy scent about you, and a dilapidated excuse for a haircut. But all of this is alright, because you have the small percent chance in your favor that you might bring home a girl who is interested in all of these things.

Where Can We Buy The Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared 2014, you and your friends start to dance with attractive women. Congratulations. Things start to get heated and she turns around to get a look at you/ do that knee straddling thing girls do sometimes at clubs. At first she seems content, almost unfeeling about you. Then, as your oceanic armpits and condensating forehead make their way into her field of vision,
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You hear a suppressed laugh coming out of your ladyfriend’s mouth as she motions to her friend to go to the bathroom. She tells you the unfortunate news that her "bladder" can’t handle all of this, when you should very well know that your "waterpark" of an outfit is the real catalyst. She tells you that it was very nice to meet you,
We Offer High Quality Cheap Air Jordan 5 Grape 2013, before darting into the surrounding sea of people and out of sight. Congratulations again,
The Premium Quality Air Jordan 9 Birmingham Barons, my friend. Enjoy your evening of remorseful masturbation as you curse the gods of perspiration.

2 Expensive Liquor

You just got off work, and got a call earlier from some friends about going to a club. You don’t have plans tomorrow (big surprise), and agree to their proposal. After trying to inflate your biceps with a quick milk jug workout in the kitchen, you put on your snazziest wingtips and basically float out of the door and into your rusty Honda Civic. You’re feeling good. The kind of good that makes people want to spend money.

You meet up with your friends,
Authentic Quality And Cheap Price Guarantee Squadron Blue 13s, who by this point are so shitfaced that they barely recognize you. Even after all that preparation, you still managed to forget one thing you are still sober. There is no rum filled waterbottle relaxing in your cupholder. There are no cans of beer neatly stacked next to your exposed seat insulation. The bartender looks you up and down, sprays some sort of watered down whiskey derivative into a plastic cup, and hands it to you. It smells like the urine of a dehydrated Arabian shepherd, and has the coloration of gasoline. You promptly decide that your current alcoholic situation is more important than whatever this beverage does to your stomach lining and/or future offspring. By the way, that’s gonna be $4.

An hour and fifteen drinks later, you open your wallet to purchase one more at the bar. Upon arriving at the club tonight, you could have fanned yourself with the contents of your wallet. Now it is a black,
For Cheap Womens Shoes Air Jordan 6 Retro Olympic 2012, empty void. Except for that dehydrated,
You Will Have a Good Time While Buying Items Air Jordan 3 Joker, paper thin excuse for a condom you’ve had in there for months, of course.

Realizing you are broke, you decide it would be best to just leave in defeat as opposed to stay and be squandered for more of your non existant cash. You ride home blasting every Bret Michaels song you know, crying all the way.

3 Vultures

Upon arriving at the club with your friends, you find yourself fortunately intoxicated and decide to go dance with some randoms. Things are going good maybe even great. Numbers are being exchanged, they’re being witty and responsive, and the one you decided to dance with has eye catchingly large boobs.

And what glorious boobs they were.

But after all these shenanigans,
Official Website Sale Discount Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23, it’s time to you to expel some of that alcohol from your system. You tell your female friends that you must be excused, for there is a bathroom floor/wall that needs to be peed on.

That feels better,
We Aim To Provide You a Wide Range Of Marvelous Grape 5s, you say,
Cheap Price For 2014.Fast Shopping Air Jordan 3 Infrared 23, after pretending your penis doubles as a super soaker. You recieve a horrified look from one of those guys who hands out towels in the bathroom, and march triumphantly back onto the dance floor only to see your girl being man handled by another random dude. Ironically, you saw that guy standing right next to you bobbing his head up and down for about an hour. He was waiting for you to leave, so he could make his move on your girl. You have just been the victim of a vulture,
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4 Embarrassing Pictures

It’s 11 AM. You don’t know where you are,
Find The Latest Style Of Air Jordan 6 Brazil World Cup, and you feel a throbbing sensation in your head that makes the throbbing sensation in your balls feel minor. There is urine on the couch,
Outlet Online Store And Buy Cheap Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue, blood on your hands, and your clothes are nowhere in sight. You stand up,
Come To Outlet Store Online To Buy Air Jordan 5 Retro Tokyo23, noticing the blended scent of sweat and bad decision making. Your car keys are on the table.

Once you arrive outside, the extent of last night starts to come back to you. The lights of your car are bashed out, the seats were neatly torn apart and thrown into the street, the windshield has a huge indentation of an ass cracked into its center, and somehow you don’t mind. All that matters now is getting home and getting to sleep. By the way, you’re still naked so let’s hurry this up. Thank God you don’t own a Vespa.

It’s been a long drive,
Worldwide Official Website Provide Authentic Bugs Bunny 8s, and you flicked off every toll meter on the way home. You laugh to yourself. Maybe they’ll send you the pictures in the mail and you can put them on Facebook.

In your barely conscious state, you quickly remember a camera being present last night. In two seconds flat you are logged onto Facebook, ready to untag yourself from the pictures that could literally tear your career limb from limb. You see the red notification number that reads "476". You die a little inside.

Finally, you’ve worked up enough confidence to select "See All Notifications". Before your click is even audible, ghastly images violate your computer screen in a way that you never though possible. Your mind is flooding with the events of evening, as the pictures let you glimpse into the horrors of what happened at that club last night. You vomit all over your keyboard while you hurriedly erase these memories from a recountable database at least officially.

Now who’s the asshole who brought the camera.

5 The Pity Dance

Feeling kind and charitable, you decide to go to a club with your coworkers. First of all, these people are lame, and won’t help you in scoring the vagina that you so fervently desire. That’s a given. Most of them are fond of talking about their shitty life aspirations, and are incapable of picking up the hint that nobody cares. Needless to say, you’re frustrated.

So now you’re all pounding down drinks together. Larry, the douchebag from finance, is buying your drinks in order to carry out some kind of companion bribery scheme. You don’t mind. You hate Larry, but you love drinking. As far as you’re concerned,
Where Are The Best Sites To Buy Authentic Steel Grey 10s, this is a neutral situation.

Pretty soon the girls from the office start dancing. None of them are in any way attractive, so you take pleasure in avoiding them. Then you see Margot. She’s the new girl with the horse face and noticeably different sized boobs. She’s standing all alone,
Authentic Quality And Cheap Price Guarantee Raptor 7s, sipping a virgin Shirley Temple.

"She looks sad, man. You should dance with her."

After you let this completely retarded statement fade from the air like an overpowering bowel movement,
Order Online Womens Air Jordan 7 Retro Olympic 2012, you politely tell Larry that you would rather blow an entire zoo than be seen dancing with her. The rest of your coworkers hear this statement, and proceed to back Larry up.

"Yeah man you should dance with her! Look how depressed she looks. Don’t be a dick." Says Jake from management. You feel the pressure building behind you.

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