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Niko Guerra, 18, told the Georgia Straight that he decided to pitch a tent on the site because he wants to draw attention to the gap between rich and poor.

"In one day, someone makes as much as 4,686 of us make in one aOlernKienOP
2014 Online Discount Sale Stealth 10s year," he said, "and we still have aOlernKienOP
Release Dates Of Grape 5s homeless people."

Sean O’Flynn Magee, 27, told the Straight that he plans to sleep on a tarp. He has been living as a homeless person in Vancouver nearly a month as part of a documentary project, so he said he won’t be fazed by sleeping outside.

Another protester, Philip Morgan, told the Straight that "finance capital" is at the root of the economic problems. "It’s a parasite on the earth that’s killing us in many ways," he said.

Morgan noted that there was "sort of a Keynesian agreement between labour and capital" until the early 1980s, which seemed to work for the economy. But then, capitalists began developing complex financial instruments, such as derivatives, "to disguise their fraudulent behaviour of ripping us all off".

"We don’t need them," he said. "We can surely invent a way of living in this planet without fouling the nest. That’s because we’re smart people."

The general tenor of the protest was aOlernKienOP
Real Cheap Air Jordan 10 Cool Grey exceedingly peaceful. Many police officers in aOlernKienOP
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Justin Spoelstra, a 23 year old, told the Straight that he hoped that this event would demonstrate to Vancouver residents that a peaceful protests can yield results.

"We need to be aOlernKienOP
Real Cheap Shoes Doernbecher 4s making a stand and making a change," he said. That has been going on for years."How ironic:

Caption: "Nikko Guerra, 18, came from Burnaby because he doesn’t think it’s right that many CEOs make more in a day than most people earn in a year."

Picture: Nikko is holding a sign protesting the injustice of CEOs compensation, wearing a pair of Converse shoes.

Fact: Nikko bought shoes from a company owned by Nike. The CEO of Nike made $11 million last year.

Solution: Forget protesting and camping overnight at the Vancouver Art Gallery. If you really want to make a difference, stop buying shoes and either make your own or go barefoot.

Yes, the CEO of nike is to blame for all corporate greed. First of all you realize $11 million dollars is a drop in the bucket to the salaries of many others in the corporate world. Secondly aOlernKienOP
Brand New For Sale Wolf Grey 3s one man not buying nike shoes will have no effect on the company, but by becoming part of a movement and creating discussion within communities his actions in this protest have the ability to create real change. The anger on the streets is not directed at any one person but at a system which has failed but aOlernKienOP
New Style Gamma Blue 11s refuses to recognize any flaws exist.

Profit making is fine, as long as we can get rid of worker exploitation, ensure highly competitive markets, and regulate the fuck out of the financial industry which in its current form is the catalyst for recessions.

Right now the people don’t rule aOlernKienOP
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Oct 15, 2011 at 5:07 pm

I agree, look at our own back yard, Mr. Hahn for instance aOlernKienOP
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"The facile substitution of angry screeds against greed, corruption, and inequality which, let’s face it, is endemic to the Wall Street protests and much of the Left today for careful study of capitalism’s law of value and tendency toward crisis not only fosters an environment in which bizarre and racist conspiracy theories flourish, but aOlernKienOP
Real Mens Air Jordan 5 Bel Air also prevents the Left from aOlernKienOP
a Great Number Of Cheap Stealth 3s working out a vision of a liberatory alternative to capital and all of its horrors."Oct 15, 2011 at 8:10 pm

The problem with all those ‘neocons’ out there is that they can’t believe that many, many people of moderate means were at the rally today. I am a married woman, mother. I have a well paying job, a great pension plan AND I was proud to attend the OCCUPY Vancouver rally today, shoulder to shoulder with my fellow citizens to say ‘I, too, am worried about our aOlernKienOP
Mens Authentic Calvin Bailey 9s planet and why is it that the powers that be need to resolve everything by killing??’ The corporate media reports all the negatives and I don’t see much positive coming from them on anything. just cover it up and keep the peeps in the dark. As it was, first thing this morning, OCCUPY Toronto is shown on tv with police hacking away on people there. Was this supposed to aOlernKienOP
Website To Authentic Laney 5s scare us off? The Vancouver police were in the crowd too. They are citizens just like we are and fit in quite well. 😉

Way to go VANCOUVER! This is my town!

All i can say about your comment is it’s ridiculous. Grow up. Maybe aOlernKienOP
100 Authentic Shoes Cool Grey 12s if you bypassed the fact what these people wear you’d get a chance to understand aOlernKienOP
For Cheap Womens Air Jordan 9 Olive 2012 the reason behind the protest. Many people buy shoes because they are cheap. Regardless the brand, if a pair of converse shoes sold at winners is cheap they’ll go for it. many of them don’t even care for the brand. it just happens to be converse yes. and we have all heard aOlernKienOP
Shopping Cheap Air Jordan 6 Varsity Red the "ironic" comments about the iphones, starbucks cups being carried around by the protestors. yes yes. broken record. we are a society of consumers. if we were to give up buying things from big corporations, we’d be living in the forest wearing nothing. and this is why aOlernKienOP
For Sale Womens Concord 11s we protest. we want to be able to buy locally made merchandise at an affordable price, made aOlernKienOP
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