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Many participants in the Journey Into Manhood camps blame their gay feelings on childhood experiences. Some were molested. Others felt shunned by male adults or peers,
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Like Wyler,
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Some participants believe bad childhood experiences caused a disconnect with men, which sparked homosexual attractions, as a way of filling the need for male bonding.

"Every person needs to identify with their gender and connect with others from their gender, and unconsciously, a way to do that is sexually," Wyler said.

Many scholars argue there’s little proof gay to straight therapy works. They say such programs can,
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Dr. Jack Drescher, of the American Psychiatric Association, said setting out to change others’ sexual orientation can be dangerous. When conversion camp participants fail to eliminate gay attraction, participants can conclude they are failures,
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"In a way,
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But Wyler contends that many critics are ignoring the sexual reorientations for political reasons.

"They don’t want us to choose our own path and to live out our lives the way we want,
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Drescher served on an American Psychological Association task force that released a report last year concluding: "Efforts to change sexual orientation are unlikely to be successful and involve some risk." The report was largely based on six task force members’ analysis of published studies,
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Drescher said a culture war is brewing around questions of whether gays can be made straight. The religious right is mostly responsible for the notion that sexual orientation, unlike race,
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He adds that religious and social conservatives argue sexuality is not an essential component of someone’s being, which has political implications because conservatives use the logic to argue that gays shouldn’t be awarded the same civil rights protections as other minorities.

Wyler counters that there’s a pro gay bias by the American Psychological Association and other national organizations that have become leading voices in discussions about sexual orientation. Fearing Journey Into Manhood would be marginalized by the news media and labeled anti gay, Wyler has largely kept the program out of the public eye.

"Most of the gay world would say the only solution is to embrace it, accept it and live it," Wyler said. "And if you’re married you know divorce your wife, leave your kids and go with this life."

While that may be a solution for some, Wyler says, not everyone is willing to embrace homosexuality. He’s convinced his camps have helped some men live happier lives by overcoming, or at least learning to manage, unwanted same sex attraction.

Wyler is hoping to expand the camps to much of the world and run a camp each week. Participants pay $650 for the weekend,
Order Authentic Nike Free Run 3 Womens, which includes everything except transportation costs. Of the approximately 45 Journey Into Manhood weekends, four have been held in the Charlottesville area. There’s a volunteer staff of about 20 and as many as 32 participants at each camp.

Participants of Journey Into Manhood say camp leaders don’t call homosexuality sinful. Instead, the program sends a message that participants are valued people, regardless of whether they turn from homosexuality, according to participants.

Wyler is a member of a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints in Albemarle County. However,
100 AuthenticWomens Nike Free Hot Punch, his program is not affiliated with any religion. that are operated by religious leaders or professional therapists.

Ty Mansfield a 32 year old Texas man who married a woman several weeks ago says he believes participating in Journey Into Manhood six years ago has helped him overcome his same sex attraction.

Growing up, Mansfield said,
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As a young man, he dated women but felt "an intense need" to connect with men,
Size 8 Free Run 5, so he started dating men for about a year in his mid 20s. The connection helped him find the emotional bond he was missing,
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But his faith caused Mansfield, a Mormon, to stop dating men. Journey Into Manhood taught him ways to become part of the male community,
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An increase in self confidence helped him turn his focus to women, eventually reuniting with a schoolmate, now his wife. Mansfield said his book aims to let people know God loves them regardless of their sexual orientation.

Days before getting married,
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"I can see a guy, and I can think he’s really attractive," Mansfield said. "But I also don’t feel like I need to go pursue him as a dating partner either."

Mansfield compares his monogamous relationship with that of the typical monogamous man,
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"He doesn’t stop being attracted to women just because he’s married,
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A man from Ohio who participated in Journey Into Manhood three years ago who agreed to an interview on the condition of anonymity attributes his former same sex attractions to abuse and molestation. He said he was molested three times as a child and in his early teens by two women and one man causing him to lose confidence and become suicidal.

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